Monday, February 23, 2009

Gavin's 2nd Birthday

So I have to say that Gavin and I had such a wonderful birthday! I am so tried with everything that we have done the past couple of days, but it was so worth it. Gavin had his party yesterday and it was so much fun at Joe's Crab Shack with his Finding Nemo party theme. The cake that I made turned out awesome! Then today I took Gavin to Downtown Disney to pick out the toy of his choice. He would not let go of Wall e and Eve so I got him both it is his birthday after all. I really think that he had fun having time with just me. I know that I really enjoyed spending that time with my big boy. I can't believe that he is 2 already! It has gone by so fast! Next thing I know he will be a teenager. Scary! I hope that you all enjoy our photos from the party and for those that couldn't make it we missed you and were thinking of you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Worst Virus

Gavin, Logan and I all got this nasty virus this last weekend and it really through a wrench in everything. I have been doing tons of laundry and Gavin has regressed from potty training. He was completly trained and now I feel like we have to start all over. That bums me out and Chris is gone all week which doesn't help. Chris and I have been talking about the idea of having a third child, but I feel like I have enough pressure. I know my limit and I truly believe that two is it! I am learning more and more how much Gavin is just like me and that cause a lot of conflict between us. He is my little perfectionist, but it seems that he never wants to do what I want. Logan is doing great and is moving around a lot now. He is always happy and just loves his brother so much. It is so much fun to see them laugh at eachother.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How I am feeling now!

After posting what I did last I felt so relieved to get that out. I am very confident now that I am doing great. It is really hard to feel that way when you are surrounded by babies pulling at you all day. I believe strongly that I need to take more breaks for myself, but that too seems to be difficult to break free when all I have done for two years it taking care of my babies needs above my oun. When I look back at all that I have accomplished with our boys I do  feel that I have it all under control and I have to because I have to be mom, dad, and maid. What a load! Chris being away most of the time does make it hard on everyone, but we are so proud of the work he is doing. It seems worth the sacrafice. I know that God will provide for us and keep us close. We have been blessed with two beautiful boys and that fills my heart with so much joy. Thanks to all that uplifted me since my last post.