Monday, March 16, 2009

Our New Addition

So after a week of dog sitting for my dad the boys and myself fell in love with the dog and when we had to give her back we all were crushed. That started a search for a dog of our own. I know that we said that we would never have a dog again and I believe that the whole puppy experiance cause too much stress on our family so I was looking for an older dog that had been rescued and was already housebroken. I found Lilly on line and knew she would be a perfect fit. We arranged to meet her and we just couldn't help but take her home with us. The boys just love her and she is great with them. She was just drawn to me and felt right at home with us. We have a few things to work on with her, but I do believe that she came from an abusive home so she is a little scared, but as time passes I pray she get more comfortable. We are very happy that we got Lilly and I am so glad to have someone to cuddle with while Chris is working.