Sunday, August 31, 2008

So Close

We are getting down to the end of christopher's deployment and I am starting to get excited and nervious about his return. When I think of him getting to meet his second son I am overwhelmed with emotions. I feel so much joy with Logan in our family and Chris has been missing out on that joy. I can't wait to see the expression that comes over his face when we see each other again. He has been so missed, but this time has really created much change and I have learned so much more about myself that I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I love him so much and thank him everyday for his service. 

A Military Wife

A military wife is mostly girl.

She wonders if this is worth the sacrifice. An ideal military wife has the patience of an angel, the flexibility of putty, the wisdom of a scholar and the stamina of a horse. If she dislikes money, it helps.

She is sentimental, carrying her memories with her in an old footlocker. One might say she is a bigamist, sharing her husband with a demanding entity called "duty." When duty calls, she becomes No.2 wife. Until she accepts this fact, her life can be miserable.

She is above all a woman who married a man who offered her the permanency of a gypsy, the miseries of loneliness, the frustration of conformity and the security of love.

Sitting among her packing boxes with squabbling children nearby, she is sometimes willing to chuck it all in until she hears the firm step and cheerful voice of the lug who gave her all this.

Then she is happy to be... his military wife.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Things are going well as we were informed that Christopher will be returning home on Oct 10th. We are doing our best to be as busy as possible until then as well as planning a great welcome home suprise. Gavin has moved on from the binky and Logan is doing great on a bottle and sleeping well at night. We feel so blessed and thank God for all that is happening in our life.